Diving into the World

Party chose to help guard a caravan headed to Tharuzgild. Along the way they were ambushed by Resistance fighters. They came to an agreement after a tough fight letting the Resistance take one wagon of arms in exchange for a stop to the fighting and a promise not to ambush them again.

Reaching Brokenhammer they slept at The Rocky Landing owned by Baldun Brokenhammer’s brother Khari. When they woke they found the remaining wagon had been stolen. After a rough interrogation of Steven the incompetent guard, the party continued on to Tharuzgild.

They met Riffen, Firstblade of Veridal’s Fixers at the Fixer’s Guildhall. He introduced them to two members of the Tharuzgild Council; Robern Folkor, a strongwilled male gnome, and Aisling Brilau a conciliatory female human. They informed them of a dangerous magical artifact, and asked that the party retrieve it in return for a hefty sum of gold, access to the ruin of Dorinithil, and Ortis’ freedom.

The party agreed, gathered supplies and did a little exlporing of Tharuzgild. A’trom reached out to a colleague at the University where he discovered some historical texts seem to be missing. Lander reached out to his criminal contact, “Loose Lips Giles” and crime boss Wysim, discussing magic, and realizing that you can sell magic items for lots more money if you go through the black market. Dala said some prayers and learned that she seems to have some sort of divine connection. And Ortis just kinda chilled.

Hitting the road the party had to deal with some aggressive giant lizards, but did so handily. Reaching the ruins of Dorinithil, they got jumped by a half-ogre whose temporary home they seemed to have disturbed.


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